Apex Test Class Best Practices in Salesforce | how do you write a test class for Apex class in Salesforce

There are many points keep in mind whenever we write test class:-

To know more details about Test Class Best Practices, Click Here.

  • Use @isTest at the Top for all the test classes.
  • Avoid Using Hard Coding Ids anywhere in test Class
  • Use System.runAs() method to test the functionality in user Context
  • Check debug log. Make sure right tick must appear when you run your test class. Else check for errors.
  • Use Test.startTest() and Test.stopTest() statement to increase Governor Limits of your test code.
  • Use System.assertEquals() to see if your code has the expected outcomes
  • Test in bulk: Test to see if your code can run on 200 records at once. This is the maximum number of records that can be evaluated in a single trigger by Salesforce.
  • To deploy to production at-least 75% code coverage is required. and also the main functionality has been covered. If possible increase code coverage up to 95%.
  • We should not focus on the percentage of code coverage, we should make sure that every use case should covered including positive, negative,bulk and single record.
  • Test method should static and no void return type.
  • @Testvisible annotation to make visible private methods inside test classes.
  • Test method cannot be used to test web-service call out . Please use call out mock .
  • You can't send email from test method.
  • Use the @testSetup method to insert the common test data into the Test class that will flow all over the test class.
  • Do not put (seeAllData = true) in test class otherwise, use it for exceptional cases.

To know more live demo source code in Salesforce lightning, Trigger, Visualforce & LWC, Use this link..

Apex Test Class Best Practices in Salesforce | how do you write a test class for Apex class in Salesforce Apex Test Class Best Practices in Salesforce | how do you write a test class for Apex class in Salesforce Reviewed by Admin on 3:03 AM Rating: 5


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